New technology helps officers with Moultrie PD get community feedback

Updated: Feb. 7, 2017 at 7:50 PM EST
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MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Moultrie Police are testing a new technology that will help them with community feedback.

Its the way of the world these days, everything done with technology. So why not use it to make a positive change in the community?

That's exactly what the Moultrie Police Department is doing.

"It opens that transparency between the police department and the community, to where they don't feel like they have to come into the police department to give a physical report, or a complaint, or a compliment," said Melinda Lee, Administrative Assistant for MPD.

The new start up company called 'Open Policing' is a website that offers a new feedback system designed to collect information from community members.

"We are trying to build a platform where it makes it easy to affirm the good service of all those officers who go out in the community and do a great job everyday," said founder, Patrick Johnson.

Since most departments only do surveys once a year, they said this is a step up. Its something that will be open to the public year round and constantly monitored.

Using the website you make an account, and then it gives you an option to give the department feedback.

You can select the department as whole or an individual officer.

It allows you to give more information about your encounter with the officer and then is submitted to the department.

Everything is anonymous, so officers can go in and exchange dialogue with members of the public without fear of being identified.

"This will be used as training methods so we can give feedback to the officers and anything else we can address with those," said Lee.

Being the first department to jump on board this new technology employees said they are excited.

"Its a huge deal and we are very excited to be that launching pad for this new adventure," said Lee.

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