IN couple hands out meals to GA storm victims

IN couple hands out meals to GA storm victims
Susan Wedeking Gregory (Source: WALB)
Susan Wedeking Gregory (Source: WALB)
Rebecca Sykes (Source: WALB)
Rebecca Sykes (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A couple drove 600 miles all the way from Evansville, Indiana to help South Georgians in need.

Over 400 meals were handed out to storm victims in the Branch Road and Sylvester Road area.

And with every meal, folks shared their stories of survival.

Volunteers spent their morning making ham and cheese sandwiches and hot dogs for the hundreds of people who survived Sunday's tornado.

Susan Wedeking Gregory and her husband Stan with Vortex Ministries have made it their mission to bring relief to victims.

"It just breaks your heart to see what people have suffered through and to hear their stories and the fear that they experienced when storms like this hit," said Susan.

And at the corner of Branch Road and Sylvester Road where Kitty's Flea Market is, the stories of survival are truly incredible.

Rebecca Sykes and her family decided to seek shelter in a storm culvert instead of their trailer during the tornadoes.

"When the storm came, that's when my daughter said, 'Mom come on!' The clouds changed, the rains changed colors, the wind was awful," Sykes said. "We just decided that's the safest place instead of being in that trailer."

They survived without a scratch.

"When we came out of that culvert, it was just amazing. I just can't believe we still have houses and our lives," she said.

Survivors just like Rebecca came by to pick up hot meals.

And for the people who couldn't get to the meal station, volunteers went out to deliver them.

"Our heart just goes out to them," said Susan. "We try to give them a hug, let them know that we love them, let them know that God loves them, and that we're here to at least give them a warm meal.  And tell them that we care."

They delivered 400 meals Wednesday and expected to serve just as many Thursday.

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