Valdosta adds traffic cams

Updated: Jan. 19, 2017 at 2:55 PM EST
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John Hogan, General Manager of 24/7 Tire (Source: WALB)
John Hogan, General Manager of 24/7 Tire (Source: WALB)
Larry Ogden, Valdosta City Traffic Manager (Source: WALB)
Larry Ogden, Valdosta City Traffic Manager (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Cameras installed with traffic lights usually mean one thing... traffic tickets. Valdosta has installed new traffic lights at some intersections, but officials say they won't be used to catch folks running red lights.

Local business owners think the new cameras are a good thing.

"It helps keep a safer flow of traffic," said John Hogan, the General Manager of 24/7 Tire.

"The new signal heads with the yellow fluorescent borders. The new cameras will be installed," said Larry Ogden, Valdosta City Traffic Manager.

But don't worry when you drive up and see these from inside your car.  Getting a ticket shouldn't be your biggest concern.

"Don't worry about getting a ticket in the mail, because it will not happen with these cameras. It's going to be to help move traffic throughout the city," said Ogden.

The corner of Gordon Street and Ashley Street is one of 11 intersections getting the new look, cameras, and flashing arrows.  The general manager of the nearby tire store says the new changes are a good thing.

"We get a lot of wrecks here in this intersection. A lot of people speeding or running red lights. I think that'll cut it down to an all-time low," said Hogan.

It's not just cameras; now there's a bright yellow flashing arrow too.

"You got a green, it's safe to make that left turn. You got a flashing yellow, it's still safe to make it, as long as you have a gap in traffic," said Ogden.

And officials ask drivers for one thing.

"Just be patient. This is a transition period," said Ogden.

The project costs roughly $1.8 million and is funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation. They hope to have 11 intersections done by the end of the month, and there is a potential to see more intersection upgrades throughout the city in the future.

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