Mediacom fixing fiber line cut by chainsaw

The line has 240 fibers (Source:WALB)
The line has 240 fibers (Source:WALB)
Updated: Jan. 5, 2017 at 12:45 AM EST
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Workers are trying to fix the issue (Source:WALB)
Workers are trying to fix the issue (Source:WALB)
Phil Skinner, Senior Operations Director (Source:WALB)
Phil Skinner, Senior Operations Director (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A great deal of South Georgia was without television, because of a mistake by a person cleaning up storm damage in Albany.

A major Mediacom fiber optic line was cut by a chainsaw.

Company representatives said the person who cut the line may be held responsible for the issue.

A mess of cables stretched for five blocks on North Harding Street.

"They did not really realize how much damage they did, but that fiber count actually provided video to Valdosta, Tifton, Fitzgerald and McRae," said Mediacom Senior Director of Operations Phil Skinner.

The company rerouted those services Tuesday night, but now has to repair the fiber line.

Inside a truck, teams of three have been performing a surgery like procedure for the past 24 hours, ensuring all 240 fibers are re-connected.

Skinner said they have to wait for people to get power to truly assess how many customers are without service.

"The power company has to get into a location, set new poles, set their facilities up and then we go in behind them and get our facilities reconstructed," said Skinner.

That's a process Skinner said may take days to complete. He's asking people to stay away from downed lines throughout the cleanup process. He adds that those he's come across have been very welcoming.

"The generosity of the people have been great," said Skinner. "We've had several times, in the last 24 hours, people come by with hot dogs and water."

Mediacom also plans to set up free WiFi centers for those without power. They expect one to be at the Civic Center Wednesday night.

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