Newspaper vendors are angry about ripoffs

Published: Aug. 23, 2016 at 7:29 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 23, 2016 at 7:32 PM EDT
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Michaelyn Blackwell (WALB image)
Michaelyn Blackwell (WALB image)
(WALB image)
(WALB image)
(WALB image)
(WALB image)

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Thieves are stealing newspapers from stands all around Moultrie. One woman says someone stole 90 newspapers Sunday alone.

It's been a problem in Moultrie before, and now she's catching crooks on camera, as the thefts take a toll on her way of life.

Coins go in. But more than one paper comes out. It's a problem Independent Contractor and Rack Carrier Michaelyn Blackwell says happens way too often.

"No, no, no it's not.  Nope.  It's not the first time," she said. "I think they're greedy. I think they're taking from the very good, honorable people in Moultrie."

Blackwell makes a living loading newspapers into her 20 stands around town.  But she says folks like these ladies who she believes stole from her stands, are threatening her job. "It cost us $2,600 last year.  This. $2,600."

And this isn't the only time Blackwell says she and her husband have watched folks steal from their stands.  They believe the thieves are looking for coupons in each newspaper, while they hold the stands open with their legs.

"I didn't see anywhere where it said, 'Free.' That was amazing to me." 

She says the store owners where the stands are located can't keep an eye on the stands at all times, and it's unrealistic to have a police officer at every stand. So she's taking matter into her own hands. "If I can catch them, and I will, because we have cameras, we're going to get them."

Blackwell said someone stole about 10 newspapers from that stand on Sunday. Police tell me if you are caught stealing from the stands, you can face theft by taking charges.

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