Officials: Votes for Zachary won't count in Calhoun Co. sheriff's race

This sign was posted about the Calhoun Co. sheriff's race. (Source: WALB)
This sign was posted about the Calhoun Co. sheriff's race. (Source: WALB)
(Source: Georgia Supreme Court)
(Source: Georgia Supreme Court)

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - Election officials have posted a sign saying that Kenneth Zachary has been disqualified from the Calhoun County sheriff's race and votes cast for Zachary will not count.

There was confusion Tuesday night over whether Zachary was still in the race.

A Superior Court judge disqualified Kenneth Zachary based on criminal convictions years ago for writing bad checks and theft by conversion.

Zachary appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court.

Tuesday afternoon, justices unanimously denied his request for a stay of that order and for an expedited appeal.

Zachary's lawyer told WALB on Tuesday that he believes the Supreme Court must still hold a full hearing on the appeal, and lower court ruling can't take effect until after that hearing.

The lawyer for Sheriff Josh Hilton said that's not true, and he'll push for signs to be posted at polling places indicating that Zachary has been disqualified.

The entire post made by officials states:

Candidate for sheriff Kenneth Zachary has been disqualified by the Superior Court and ordered that any votes cast for him will not count. An appeal to the Supreme Court has been filed and is still pending. Two motions have been denied by the Supreme Court for a supersedeas and the request to expedite the appeal.

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