Fire blamed on poorly connected plug

Fire blamed on poorly connected plug

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Firefighters want South Georgians to know that poorly inserted electric plugs could start a fire.

A fire broke out in Morningside Assisted Living Center in the 1700 block of Beattie Road about 1:45 Saturday morning.

Investigators say an air conditioning unit's plug was not pushed all the way into the outlet, causing it to short out the plug, and spark a fire.

"It causes heat to generate there, and thus can cause a fire. What we would like to do is re-emphasize that when you plug things in, push them all the way in so you get a full contact," said Investigator Sam Harris Albany Fire Dept.

The fire at Morningside was put out by an employee with a fire extinguisher, doing only fire damage to the wall and air conditioner.

But firefighters urge you to make sure you devices are plugged all the way in completely.

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