Victim confirmed dead after police standoff

Victim confirmed dead after police standoff
Frederick "Frelow" Murray (Source: GA Dept. of Corrections)
Frederick "Frelow" Murray (Source: GA Dept. of Corrections)

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - A six and a half hour standoff ended in a Camilla neighborhood when a man finally surrendered to authorities, but not before investigators believe he shot and killed his wife.

Frederick Murray, a man people in Camilla call "Frelow", surrendered to a Georgia State Patrol SWAT team.

Officers from multiple agencies converged on Murray's home on South Scott Street at about 2 p.m. on Friday.

The incident happened after Murray's wife and 9-year-old stepdaughter returned to the home to pick up some clothes after leaving the night before.

"The father came in. They got in an argument. She went in the other room and heard her mother screaming, ran back into the other room and saw he had a gun to her head," said Camilla Police Chief Ray Folsom.

The little girl ran screaming from the home with Murray screaming at her to stop.

"When she got at the door, she heard gunshots go off," said Chief Folsom.

Officers surrounded the home. Murray talked to negotiators for hours from his front porch, but refused to surrender until SWAT officers were just feet away.

It was a situation that Camilla Police never had to deal with.

"We've had a few minor situations that usually end pretty quickly, but nothing that escalated to this point," said Chief Folsom.

When officers did get inside they found a woman, relatives identified as Willie Mae Murray, dead.

The incident apparently wasn't Frelow Murray's first serious run with the law.

"Once again, this rage and this anger is trying to cast him down, but that weapon should not prosper against Frelow," said family member Veronica Norton.

Multiple relatives and friends said Frelow Murray spent years in prison for another deadly crime involving domestic violence.

"He broke in and set the apartment on fire, and the girl died," said Norton.

Investigators say they haven't yet had time to confirm Murray's criminal record, but they do believe he spent years in prison for a deadly fire in Camilla.

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