Dumping animals is illegal, and wrong

Lee Animal Shelter (WALB)
Lee Animal Shelter (WALB)
Published: Mar. 3, 2016 at 8:06 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 27, 2018 at 9:50 PM EST
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Michael Fazendin (WALB)
Michael Fazendin (WALB)
Mike Sistrunk (WALB)
Mike Sistrunk (WALB)
People just dump their animals in this remote area of Lee Co. (WALB)
People just dump their animals in this remote area of Lee Co. (WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Animal control officials say abandoning animals is a common problem in South Georgia.

One Lee County man we spoke with says he calls the pound several times a year to pick up animals dumped, and left to die, on the side of the road he lives on.

A beautiful boxer mix was found on a long country road. "It was a friendly dog, very lovable dog and it is sad they dump them off back here," said rescuer Michael Fazendin, who found him.

It's not the first time he has rescued dumped animals. "Hmmmm, probably three or four times a year. And, sometimes they will be three or four of them, it's like they dump the whole litter off out here," Fazendin, said.

This whole litter of puppies was dumped on a Terrell County Road just last week.

They are safe now, in the hands of a Columbus based Animal Rescue group.

Not all dumped dogs are as lucky. Animal Control Supervisor Mike Sistrunk said, "By all means, let us try to help you, before you just drop and give up on the animal there."

Lee County's Animal Control Director says divorces, finances and other reasons force people to give up their animals, and encourages people to take advantage of the free services Animal Shelters offer.

"Bring them to the shelter. We don't have no condemnation as far as telling them 'Why did you do this?' We want to try to help the animals," said Sistrunk.

Michael Fazendin says animals bring, "Unconditional love towards a human being, it is unbelievable people will do this to an animal."

Fazendin, who has bred dogs and owns them, says leaving them to die is unacceptable. "It is free of charge for the pound to come and get them. They will take them, clean them, neuter and spayed them, tag them, they will take care of everything and find them a good home. I don't understand why dumping on dirt roads when it is so easy to make a phone call."

It is NOT free of charge to bring your animal to a shelter to get care.  And, there are costs associated with adopting a pet to cover the money paid by the shelter to treat the animal.  Average costs of adoption is between $110 and $115 dollars.

The Lee County Animal Shelter has dogs and cats for adoption. For more information, contact them at 759-6037.

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