Thomas woman faces arson charge

Thomas woman faces arson charge

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A Thomas County woman remains in jail, accused of trying to set her boyfriend's house on fire while he was asleep.

Investigators say Beverly White intentionally set Joseph Graham's mobile home on fire Sunday night.  They questioned her after the fire.

"She said she was tired of him beating on her I don't know if there were any reports filed in the past but she should've called us instead of taking things in her own hands," said Inv. Steve Jones.

Investigators say White did not have any signs of injuries. Officials say she tried to set propane tanks on fire outside Graham's home.

"There were propane tanks where she tried to set the fire but she gathered up straw and leaves and made a pile next to the tanks on the end of the house and set that on fire."

But shortly afterwards she woke him up and told him the house was on fire. "He was able to get it out before she was open to really catch it on fire but had she been able to it would' ve burned quickly those older homes like that will burn very quickly its a scary situation," said Jones.

Luckily, the fire didn't get inside the home. Graham was able to put the fire out. Thomas County Deputies say this is not their first time dealing with a dispute between White and her boyfriend.

"It looks like a toxic relationship, unfortunately like I said we've been down there numerous times and she's not been the victim every time we went down there."

Beverly White is charged with aggravated assault and first degree arson.

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