Citizens want answers in killings of 7 dogs in Early County

Published: Feb. 16, 2016 at 3:36 AM EST|Updated: Feb. 16, 2016 at 4:21 AM EST
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Tiffany Mock shows us where she found dog "Highway 45"
Tiffany Mock shows us where she found dog "Highway 45"
Tiffany Mock
Tiffany Mock

EARLY CO., GA (WALB) - Someone is killing and dumping dogs in Early County. The sheriff's office is investigating and so is a national animal advocacy group. Concerned citizens want to know who's responsible for shooting at least 7 dogs in the county.

Highway 45 is where Tiffany Mock found a pit bull mix dead on the side of the road on January 24th.

"I was looking to see if he had been hit, but then when I noticed the bullet holes," said Tiffany Mock, Concerned Citizen. "I lost it. It was really emotional for me."

The dog known as "Highway 45" was fed by Mock and others in the community for the past six months.

"If I didn't feed him right here, I would feed him around on the other side of the bushes," said Mock.

The next day Mock found another dog near a dumpster on Highway 200.

"He still had the lead rope around his neck," said Mock. "It wasn't an actual leash that you would buy at the store. It's a leash that you would get at the vets office or a shelter."

Mock says a pit bull wrapped in a tarp was also found in the driveway of her friend's home and four dogs were found along Killer Brew Road. Citizens have reached out to the Humane Society of the United States for help.

"I'm horrified by this," said Laurie Kaufman, Humane Society of the United States Georgia District 2 Leader. "I want to get to the bottom of who is doing this."

Kaufman is doing just that.

"I have alerted the humane society of the United States Georgia Director Deborah Burger and she has reported the incident to our cruelty division," said Kaufman.

"It's not just a coincidence that 7 dogs have been shot and dumped," said Mock. "Somebody's doing it."

The Early County Sheriff's Office was out Monday taking pictures as part of their investigation and Kaufman plans to keep a close eye on it.

"We also will be calling on the law enforcement officers in the county to take this seriously," said Kaufman.

The Early County Sheriff's Office says they are early in the investigation. No arrests have been made.

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