Editorial: Sabal Trail Pipeline

Editorial: Sabal Trail Pipeline

The Federal Government gave the green light to a controversial natural gas pipeline that many people passionately fought to stop.

The Sabal Trail pipeline will go through multiple South Georgia counties, and includes a compressor station in Dougherty County, to push the gas to Florida.

Still some residents who are against it say they aren't giving up the fight. We understand the theory of "not in my backyard."

But the fact is that the gas has to get from where it is, to where folks need it.

Underground pipes are the safest and cheapest way to do this. Much safer than rail or truck. In fact, WALB has reported on half a dozen wrecks of petroleum tanker trucks in our area in the last 18 months.

The fact is that Albany is a petroleum hub for the whole state, and underground pipes have been among us for many decades, with very rare problems.

The folks who are putting in the pipeline know that there's a lot at stake, and we expect them to install and operate the pipeline safely and correctly.

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