New surveillance cameras keep close eye on inmates

New surveillance cameras keep close eye on inmates
Ace Technology installed 70 new cameras.
Ace Technology installed 70 new cameras.
Lt. Rod Howell
Lt. Rod Howell
Officer Anita Yates
Officer Anita Yates

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - Inmates at the Colquitt county jail have another set of eyes on them tonight.

New surveillance cameras were recently installed, which will allow officers to keep a closer watch.

Lieutenant Rod Howell called the new surveillance cameras a much-needed makeover for the facility.

He said officers can't be everywhere at all times, so that's where the high-tech cameras come in handy.

"Just a constant observation of everything. There's so much going on every day," said Officer Anita Yates.

Officer Yates has worked at the jail for five years.

She said this improvement has changed her job dramatically.

"Constant watching the movement in different departments," she said. "And making our jail safe.  Safe for employees, safe for inmates, safe for everyone."

Before the improvements, surveillance footage was in black and white and was extremely blurry.

Now, the footage is clear with color-coded boxes when motion is detected.

Another improvement is the option to get a closer view of an area.

"The zoom-in technology as to where our old ones were fixed.  That's the angle you had.  But now they have a joystick. They're going to teach us how to zoom in," said Lieutenant Rod Howell.

He said the installation by Ace Technology was also a learning experience for employees at the jail.

"We're identifying a lot of dead spots that we didn't know were there until new cameras came in," said Lt. Howell.

The footage is now recorded onto USB drives instead of CDs or floppy disks, which makes it more efficient for investigators.

"We're happy," said Lt. Howell. "We still have some things we want to continue to do to bring to the facility.  It's operating, but we want to bring it up to speed."

Lt. Howell said the improvements were part of their annual budget.

He added that the next goal is to improve the locks, which will come from SPLOST money.

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