Major Petra Seipel speaks at the Rotary Club

Major Petra Seipel speaks at the Rotary Club
One of the first women to graduate from the Citadel Military College talked to south Georgians today about the importance of giving back.
Marine Corps Major Petra Seipel was born in Prague, but came to the United States as a teenager.    
She spoke at a Rotary Club meeting in Albany today.
She says she would never have become a U.S. citizen, or been able to afford to go to the Citadel without the help of others.
Seipel is currently stationed at MCLB, and says she's proud to serve the U.S in the Marine Corps.

"I think everybody should always give back to the community, whether it’s in a small way or a big way, I was able to accomplish so many things in life because of other organizations, because of people who believed in me. Either through various clubs, for me in was in the Washington D.C. area or in Charleston where I went to school," says Major Petra Seipel, with the United States Marine Corps.

This month Seipel celebrates 16 years as a U.S. citizen. She's one of the few to become a U.S. citizen through an act of congress. 
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