Meigs police officers are back on patrol

Published: Dec. 7, 2015 at 10:35 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 7, 2015 at 10:36 PM EST
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Viva Bass, Meigs resident
Viva Bass, Meigs resident
Rodney Hudson, Meigs resident
Rodney Hudson, Meigs resident

MEIGS, GA - Meigs Police Officers are happy to say they're back at work, but they have questions that are still unanswered. Mayor Linda Harris gave city workers a copy of the insurance card proving that workers are now insured with Apex Insurance, the card says this has been effective since November 15th.

But after an armed robbery occurred on the 17th, officials say they couldn't respond to the call because Mayor Harris told them not to move their vehicles due to them not having insurance.

"During this time the insurance said we were covered but we didn't have any proof so we couldn't protect that woman's safety," said Chief Gary Price.

Officials say when officers weren't on duty crime went up, but that didn't stop them from patrolling the neighborhoods, a resident tells us that even though officers couldn't respond to calls they still patrolled the neighborhoods to make sure residents were safe...

"He come by like he was supposed to but he didn't do anything but he rode by just in case there was a problem he could get in touch with the people who could resolve the problem but he was still riding by checking on us older people to make sure we were okay," said Viva Bass.

And now residents are relieved knowing that officers can respond to calls again.

"You got officers that are right here in town they can respond a whole lot faster than the county sheriffs department coming from Thomasville by the time they get here whoever was gonna do what they were gonna do (already) done it and gone," said Rodney Hudson.

Officers say they're just happy to say they can protect and serve residents again.

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