Terrell Co. fugitives caught

Published: Dec. 3, 2015 at 9:19 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 27, 2018 at 9:49 PM EST
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Det. Gene Shattles
Det. Gene Shattles

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Not exactly criminal masterminds, a couple of Terrell County fugitives got caught in an early morning crime spree that wasn't very fruitful.

Surveillance footage shows two men attempting to break into the Pawn Starzz store on Graves Road in Dawson on November 4th. "We have crimes in Dawson, but not usually this much in one night," said Dawson PD Captain Gene Shattles.

The suspects tried to break into a dummy door, but when they saw a car, they ran off without success. Police say that's basically how the entire night went for the two fugitives.

"And, the thing is all they got was maybe less than $5 in change from the insurance company, everything else they didn't make entry into," Shattles said.

Police say 21-year-old Jamal Cox and 20-year-old Quintavious Grier first broke into the Dozier Insurance Agency on Lee Street after 1:00AM, triggering an alarm.

Then they ran up the block to the Bank of Terrell County, attempting to break into an ATM. Failing there, they went a little farther north to the Bank of Dawson ATM, not getting a dollar, but causing more than a thousand dollars in damage.

Then, they came to the Pawn Starz store. But there crime spree didn't end there. "And then we had two bricks thrown at two semis on Graves Road."

This good surveillance video from the pawn shop helped police identify the men as wanted by the police for other crimes.

Cox and Grier are in the Terrell County jail, facing multiple burglary and criminal trespass charges, along with aggravated assault and other felony charges for earlier crimes.

 "With felonies, they could serve 20-40 years.  For less than $5? For less than $5, plus all the businesses have to pay for all the damages to be fixed and windows broken out and get all the repairs done," said Shattles.

The cases against Cox and Grier could go before the Terrell County Grand Jury when they convene next week.

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