Burglar gets stuck inside plumbing wall

Published: Nov. 5, 2015 at 11:40 PM EST
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A burglar attempting to hide from police ends up getting stuck inside a plumbing wall at Pelham Middle School.
It took two men to get the criminal out of the space that investigators say was only a foot and a half wide.

It's one of those stories Pelham police won't soon forget.

"That's a first one for me," says Investigator Adam Lamb, with the Pelham Police Department.

It was Halloween night when this man, Willie Lee Singleton broke into Pelham Middle School.

Police say Singleton smashed this window triggering the alarm and alerting police.

"While he was driving by he saw that one of the windows was indeed smashed in," says Lamb.

But when police got inside the school they couldn't find Singleton at first.

"We went in and searched, searched again, saw where he went into the bathroom and realized he had never left," he says.

He got creative, trying to hide inside a wall, but then got stuck.

"He had pretty much jumped his way from the toilet to a handicapped rail to the wall and through the ceiling," says Lamb.

And it wasn't easy getting him out.

"We thought we were going to have to remove a section of the wall to get him out," says Lamb.

But the fire department helped get him out. School officials are glad they found him.

"We were very relieved that we found that individual that night and that he was not stuck in the building over the weekend and that we didn't have to deal with that on a Monday morning," says Superintendent Floyd Fort.

And thanks to surveillance footage police knew he hadn't left the building when they got there.

"I'm just glad we have a very good surveillance system, a very good alarm system, that lets us know when we do have a break-in in," says Fort.

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