Albany targeted in credit card fraud

Albany targeted in credit card fraud

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Sheriff's Investigators and the Secret Service are investigating an outbreak in credit card fraud.

Some small local businesses have discovered that people are using fake names and credit cards with real credit card numbers.

Now Albany businesses are being more careful about checking IDs when customers use credit cards.

Three banks and dozens of customers have reported being victimized.

Many more people could have been targeted and not know it yet.

Experts believe that those committing the fraud could be targeting small businesses in the area.

Newman's Bar and Grill and Austin's Firegrill owner Austin Newman pulled in Invision Technologies to build firewalls to protect his computers and his customers.

Newman said, "It could cripple banks. It could cripple restaurants. It could cripple car washes. Whoever is taking credit cards, this could cripple their business if they don't get pro-active. And that's what we are doing."

Technology experts say that many South Georgia businesses have no protection against hackers on their computers.

Officials are working to determine how the personal information is being stolen and tracking down those responsible for the fraud.

Sheriff's Investigators say you should check your credit card and bank accounts on a daily basis, while they continue to investigate.