Proponents say pipeline could bring jobs, businesses

Proponents say pipeline could bring jobs, businesses

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Proponents of the Sabal Trail pipeline say it could bring big businesses to Dougherty County.

The pipeline faces strong opposition in the Albany area due to environmental concerns.

Spectra Energy plans to place two taps on the pipeline in Dougherty and Mitchell Counties that companies could use to power their facilities.

"We're going to have a three foot tour pipe coming through here that will bring a lot of natural gas that we'll be able to tap into that can fuel that industry that we may not have if it goes through some place else not close to here," said supporter Mark Holloway.

Holloway said this opposition is similar to that of city leaders in the 60's when city leaders protested interstate 75. He hopes people don't make a similar decision this time.

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