South Georgia Blacksmith featured on History Channel

South Georgia Blacksmith featured on History Channel

CALHOUN CO., GA (WALB) - A Calhoun County Blacksmith is featured on a History Channel competition and is creating a product that's helping South Georgia peanut farmers.

Blacksmith Trenton Tye uses his hammer and heat to bend and mold these pieces of steel into these creations.

"And that is how we make an "S" hook," said Trenton Tye, Blacksmith.
Tye's skills were discovered on Youtube by Producers of the History Channel competition show Forged in Fire.

" Where you're under a time limit with some different steels and you got to perform different challenges as a blade smith and a blacksmith."
In May, Tye was in New York to film the show competiting against other blacksmiths from around the Country. He says the experience was a smash.

"This was a lot of fun. We got a chance to go up and really show off some skills under a lot of pressure."

Tye made it to the final round of the competition but came in second place.

" Which the internet is not very happy with," said Tye.

Tye has his own Youtube channel with more than a million views teaching others his trade out of his Purgatory Ironworks Shop in Morgan.

" Showing how to make a tool, showing a particular process and this is what has allowed the craft to really expand."

Tye is now one of the few blacksmiths in the Country reforging these peanut harvester blades. It's a process that Tye said died out a long time ago due to the limited number of blacksmiths.

"Being able to do this type of work and to do something that matters to this area is pretty awesome," said Tye.

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