Dean's List: Matthew Newsome

Dean's List: Matthew Newsome
Matthew Newsome
Matthew Newsome
Don Johnson
Don Johnson

After losing a business, a home, and a child some people would just give up.
Without a high school diploma and a family to take care of our Deans List student was faced with a choice to fight or bail out.

Matthew says "This Christmas will be 14 years , goodness excuse me"

The loss of the Newsome's first daughter Paige Renee can still bring Matthew to tears.
Matthew says, "A successful bone marrow transplant she would have been fine but unfortunately it didn't go that way for her."

Matthew quit work to help care for Paige.
Make a wish foundation stepped in to help make her last days happy. Paige met her favorite character the bear in the big blue house.
Newsome says, "He actually made his first appearance there for her it was fantastic they did a lot for us."

Paige died of acute myelogenous leukemia when she was just 2 and 1/2 years old.
Matthew says, "The first day afterwards and it's completely quiet house it makes you contemplate whats your point in waking up and why you're continuing on."

It wasn't the first time Matthew felt like giving up.
He grew up in a military family and has attended nearly 20 different schools.
Matthew says, "I was constantly moving not really making any long term friends. It came to a point to where I just stopped trying and stopped caring."

Matthew quit school and started working construction where he remained for 9 years.
He then owned a successful vending arcade business in Illinois for 7 until the recession hit.
Matthew says, "I was making good money, we had a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom second tier of the lake house, wave runners work vehicles everything was great and then all of a sudden I'm putting my resume in as a high school drop out."

After selling everything he could Matthew moved his family to Albany 3 years ago to an upstairs bedroom in his parents house and headed to Albany Tech.
Matthew says, "Within a month I took my GED the highest scores in the county, the state. In less than 2 years graduated with an associates degree along with specialized certification."

Dan Johnson is the Cisco Networking Academy instructor at Albany Tech and says Matthew is a success story.
Mr. Johnson says, "First of all he's an above average student and he found something he has a natural knack for."
Matthew says, "I am looking for something full time I have been a subcontracted freelance IT technician."
Mr. Johnson says, "I'm looking forward to see what Matthews gonna do with what he's learned. I expect great things from him."

Matthew says it hasn't been easy and has taken hard work and determination.
"What keeps me moving is my family my daughter, my loving wife that stood by me for 20 years now."
Matt has passed most of his specialized certifications.

You can reach Matthew Newsome by email at