Animal control watching for pets distressed by heat

Animal control watching for pets distressed by heat

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - South Georgia's extreme heat can be deadly for animals, and Dougherty County Animal Control officers are patrolling to help keep pets safe.

Animal control officers say water is crucial for pets, especially dogs right now. And they say a kiddie pool is one of the best ways to protect your dog on a hot day.

Dougherty County Animal Control Officer Tamara Piercey, on patrol for distressed animals, checks on Zamber, a dog she found in distress from the heat last week.

"You see, her tether is in the middle of the yard," explained Piercey. "You see she is in the hot sun. Right now she has a little shade, but as the day progresses she is not going to have any shade at all."

James McCracken is Zamber's owner, and said he just put her outside at the time.

But last week the dog was overheated, with no shade or water.

After the visit from Animal Control, McCracken agreed to put his dog back inside for a while.

Piercey said she patrols daily, but she knows this week's heat can be deadly for dogs even in just a short time. She said one of the best lifesavers for a dog is a plastic kiddie pool.

"The dog can drink out of it, they can walk in it. They can lay and wallow in it, if they want to. And most dogs love those. They are very inexpensive," she said.

Another check of her thermometer showed the heat kept increasing Thursday afternoon.

Officials warn that dogs may kick over a small plastic bowl of water. Some people leave out pots with water, which quickly get too hot to drink in the sun.

The pool is her cheap lifesaving recommendation if you must keep your dog outside.

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