Watching out for the elderly in extreme heat

Watching out for the elderly in extreme heat

The SOWEGA Council on aging has several different groups that assist seniors.

Homemaker who does checks on the elderly and helps with chores.

On a hot day like today they make sure that their houses are cool enough.

"We try to make a point when our staff and volunteers go out to provide services to our clients on a daily basses," Izzy Saddler said.

"When I leave and the weather is like it is now I would basically tell them to stay hydrated and stay in the cool if they can," Marry Williams said.

If you live next to an elderly person who lives on their own, the council advises people to check in on them. 

They also take donations for Air Conditioners and fans, but they do have some requirements.

To find how to donate give them a call at 229 432 1124.

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