Chamber of Commerce encourages weight loss in businesses

Chamber of Commerce encourages weight loss in businesses

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Three pharmacy technicians in Americus are winners of a county weight loss competition. 40 to 50 people participated in the second Sumter County Chamber of Commerce weight loss event.

"Mission Slimpossible" at the Clinic Drug Store one the team event after losing 6 percent of their overall body weight. The chamber came up with the idea to promote healthy lifestyles within local businesses.

"We hoped that by increasing employee's overall health, that would lead to increased productivity, less sick days that need to be taken, just better energy at work," said Faith Pinnell with the Chamber of Commerce.

"My coworkers that I had along with me gave me that determination and that extra drive to just keep going along with it, so they kind of motivated me to stick in with it," said team winner Latoya Wallace.

Corey Mason at Pharmacentra won the individual competition.

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