Working to end Domestic Violence

Working to end Domestic Violence

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With the most recent high profile cases of domestic abuse in the NFL and NASCAR local organizations are it will bring to light the issues that need to be addressed.

Silka Deeley with the Liberty House says that being a rural area it doesn't trickle down to the shelters and organizations that are doing the work and need the most help.

Georgia is the 38th state that recently changed it's legislation regarding strangulation. What she finds so disturbing is that so much of the domestic abuse is being swept under the rug, and more is needed from communities to make a difference.

"We work with children not just mothers we work with families even the abusers to find them help and find out what's going on in the home," said Liberty House Exec. Dir. Silka Deeley

The Liberty House is working on a task force asking for doctors and hospital staff, school staff, and law enforcement, those visible in the community to build a task force for the 17 counties they serve.

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