Truck drivers react to human trafficking in the industry

Truck drivers react to human trafficking in the industry

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - Georgia's attorney general announced a new plan to combat human trafficking in the trucking industry.

Thousands of trucks drive up and down interstates in Georgia, and statistics show some of them could be involved in the billion dollar industry of human trafficking. At the capitol Tuesday, Attorney General Sam Olens and the Georgia Motor Trucking Association worked to educate truckers on what to look for and how they can help fight this problem.

Some drivers tell me they have never seen it though.

"I guess like I said, it's not too much, you know, only heard about. Out of 14 years driving, I've actually never seen it," said driver Melvin Rush.

"Obviously being on the road, you hear about that kind of thing but really we don't run into it too often," said driver Magnus McCook.

But even if they've never seen it, it's something they say shouldn't be going on.

"We're in the 21st century. You think you'd learn from your mistakes in the past," said driver Andy Crosby.

Olens and other leaders want drivers like these to look for victims and any sign of human traffickers, and they say it's something they'll do.

"That gives truckers a bad name, if they're actually doing that then it gives them a bad name. So that hurts our industry and this is my livelihood so I most definitely want to keep it safe," said Rush.

"if there's a little something I can do here and there to help out then that would be something I would want to do," said McCook.

The goal is to eradicate a problem that victimizes thousands and helps criminals profit millions.

"Definitely keep that out of the trucking industry," said Crosby.

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