Wife charged with husband's murder back in Georgia

Wife charged with husband's murder back in Georgia

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia woman indicted for the murder of her husband arrived in Dougherty County on extradition to face the charges on Tuesday.

Susan Embert is charged with killing her husband Jake in June 2014. A Grand Jury said she shot her husband and staged the crime to look like a suicide.

Jake Embert, a 53-year-old Army veteran and 20-year employee at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany died on June 28, 2014 from a gunshot wound.

Susan Embert was extradited from the Santa Rosa County Jail in Florida.

She is expected to stand trial in Dougherty County.

Meanwhile, Dougherty County Police say they stand by their investigation of Jake Embert's death.

"After all the evidence was gathered and all the interviews were done, that was the determination that our agency and the Coroner's Office came up with," said Dougherty County Police Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick.

Coroner Michael Fowler was at the home, and said some family members were upset, but saw nothing out of the ordinary while police did their investigation.

"I think things went pretty smoothly," Fowler said. "There were different ones in shock. Some of the family members, some were upset... That's normal."

The Embert family, never believing Jake committed suicide, hired a private detective to investigate his death.

His investigation concluded that Susan staged the murder to look like suicide. He gave his results to the District Attorney, who then had his investigators look into the case further.

But the Coroner and the private detective both say the amount of experience police officers looking into the shooting at first may have been a factor.

"I think experience come along with that. Experience you been dealing with homicides and suicides, the more you will see things can be one way, when it's not," said Fowler.

Police, prosecutors, and the coroner all agree this case will make agencies involved do a more thorough job looking into future death cases, making sure the truth is found.

The Embert home on North Hibiscus Road in Albany is now in foreclosure.

Jake Embert's relatives said they are grateful for the indictment. Prosecutors said they are confident in their murder case against Susan Embert.

The family said they just want justice in this case.

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