Albany Theatre in very bad shape

Albany Theatre in very bad shape

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany's downtown manager told city commissioners the historic Albany Theatre is in desperate need of some repairs.

During Tuesday's commission meeting, Sharlene Cannon talked about goals for downtown, including how important it is to save historic structures like the Albany Theatre.

She says it's become too dangerous inside to show to developers. Cannon says the most important priority is fixing the roof so water doesn't get inside.

"The roof has been jeopardized, the water is coming in, and once water gets into a building, that's the handwriting on the wall that the end is near. We've got to do something to save that building and do it quickly."

She says the Albany-Dougherty inner city authority plans to come up will a plan and lay out exactly how much it will cost to put the structure in good standing.

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