Sycamore family feels targeted

Published: Oct. 28, 2014 at 9:15 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 28, 2014 at 10:12 PM EDT
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Chaya Patel
Chaya Patel

SYCAMORE, GA (WALB) - Crooks target a Sycamore family twice in one week, once at their home and then at their convenience store.  The Patel's own a convenience store in Sycamore and say they feel unsafe, especially after this latest incident.

Sycamore police are on the lookout for this man in the surveillance video, who walks up to the Shop and Buy Saturday night and throws a brick in the door.

"He picked the brick up prior to coming to the store, so he had every intention of getting into the store, as you can see from the video he pulls the brick from his pocket of the hoodie that he is wearing," said Lee Ann Clark, Police Chief.

Clark says the unidentified man ran from the store when the alarm went off. She says a neighbor heard the store alarm and called 911. "My officer sat with the store making sure it was secured until 9:00 a.m.," said Clark.

The man was wearing gloves, so police were unable to get any fingerprints. And even though the store was closed the couple who owns the Shop and Buy says they are terrified.

"It's my husband at night time, close time, eleven o'clock he's scared and I'm scared too right now," said Chaya Patel.

Sycamore Police say this is the second time one one week the Patel family has been targeted, the first time someone tried to rob them outside of their home.

In a story we reported before, police say two men with a gun approached Chaya Patel and her son as they arrived home and demanded money.

"In the video the guy appears to be white, in the incident last Monday the victim states the two guys were black," said Chief Clark.

Now police are keeping a close watch on the Patel family. "It's my house and here and everything," said Patel.

Chief Clark and the Patel's are hoping someone recognizes this man calls police. The police says the Patel's are not aware oanyonene who may be upset with them in any way.

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