Albany Police question person of interest in fatal shooting

Published: Oct. 22, 2014 at 10:11 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 22, 2014 at 10:12 PM EDT
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Albany Police have a person of interest in custody related to a fatal shooting from Saturday.

That person of interest has not been charged with Jessica Bryant's death, but is being held in the Dougherty County jail on other charges, while the investigation continues.

Meanwhile her family deals with her tragic murder.

28-year-old Jessica Bryant was holding her 11-month-old son early Saturday morning when she was murdered.

Jessica's father Wildmon Bryant and Auntie Mary Stephens said Jessica and her two sons, who are 5 years old and 11 months old, moved into a house just across the street less than 3 weeks ago. They said she was happy.

"That was the most important thing," Stephens said. "For the first time in her life I got my own house, you know, so I can be in my house with my boys."

Early Saturday prosecutors said it was a domestic situation when Bryant was shot several times in the head, while several people, including children, were in her home.

"There is a person who has been brought into custody at this time in matters related to the case. And we are looking at that and expanding the investigation," said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Prosecutors said investigators are waiting on the results from forensic tests.

Meanwhile Bryant said his family will wait for justice.

"We don't want the case to be tried indiscretely in the media, before it's tried in the court. We're not passing judgement on anyone," said Bryant.

Outside the Bryant home, sidewalk chalk drawings by Jessica Bryant's five year old son could be seen as the family grieves her violent death.

Jessica Bryant's funeral will be Saturday afternoon at the Mount Calvary Baptist Church on Gillespie Avenue.

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