Peanut, Cotton growers tour UGA's crop research

Peanut, Cotton growers tour UGA's crop research

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Recent rains come as a relief to farmers following a drought this year but they could now be causing problems for cotton yields.

Georgia farmers left their fields Wednesday morning to take a tour of peanut and cotton fields at University of Georgia's Tifton Campus for their annual field day. The farmers were shown what researchers are learning that will help them in their fields in the future.

"Many of these projects are actually addressing problems which our growers are encountering each and every day," said Phillip Roberts, UGA Extension Agronomist.

The research deals with familiar problems, like pests to new varieties of crops being developed here in Tifton.

"Everything that we do, research wise, and at extension efforts as well, really helps the grower to be more profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly," Guy Collins, UGA Extension cotton agronomist, said.

With the fall harvest about to begin, Georgia cotton growers are more concerned with the present and handling the recent rain after a relatively dry summer.

"Actually, we are at a point now where this rainfall can help some crops but also can hurt some of the crops," said Roberts. "Such as the cotton, which is beginning to open and show it's bowls."

After each demonstration, growers were able to talk with researchers on other ways to improve their overall yield consistency. Organizers say the annual field day continues to better the Cotton and Peanut industry, in turn, helping the south Georgia economy.

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