Bondsman revokes bond for two arrested for meth

Bondsman revokes bond for two arrested for meth
Mary Sheffield
Mary Sheffield

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - A bail bonding company in Moultrie is making sure a couple of drug suspects will stay in jail while they await trial.

After learning about the suspects' second arrest on our newscast they made sure their bond was revoked.

Two of six people who were arrested in connection to a meth bust, won't be getting out of jail soon according to Mary Sheffield.

"You better believe if you come to Colquitt County and you get the right bondsman and you messed up, you're going back to jail," said Sheffield.

Sheffield revoked bond for Regina Dallas and Joshua Pollock who are frequent customers of Demetrius Walker Bail Bonding. When Sheffield saw the story WALB aired Tuesday, August 26 of their recent arrest on meth charges, she took action.

"I wrote down their names right then and I called my boss Demetrius Walker. And he told me to handle it and I did want I had to do," said Sheffield.

Sheffield says revoking their bond is all for the protection of everyone involved.

"I hate meth. I hate it. It destroys families. It destroys businesses. It takes the strongest man and breaks him down," said Sheffield.

Dallas and Pollock were involved in manufacturing meth at a home on Doerun Norman Park Road. The two were already on bond for previous charges.

"The charges were meth related and once you violate and you out on bond, it's an automated violation.

Both bonded out of jail less than a month ago, but now they are back in the Colquitt County Jail where they will remain until they appear in court.

The Colquitt County Jail says there is no record of a court date scheduled for the two as of yet.

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