Parents support petition to prevent hot car deaths

Parents support petition to prevent hot car deaths
Robby and Shelly McCook
Robby and Shelly McCook
Tara Harris
Tara Harris
Trey Underwood
Trey Underwood

A petition has been created to push the White House to begin research on technology to prevent child deaths in hot cars. And many parents in South Georgia say they would sign it.

"It's common sense," said Robby McCook, a Leesburg resident.

Many parents still can't understand how a person could leave a child in a hot car.

"I can't imagine anybody not hearing that it's dangerous to leave your child in the car," said Shelly McCook, a Leesburg resident.

To prevent that, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and

partnered to petition the White House to authorize federal officials to research technology that could detect a child left alone in a vehicle.

"I think the technology should be in the parent's brain. I don't see how a parent could actually leave a child in the car and just not know that they are there," said Tara Harris, a parent who lives in Tifton.

Trey Underwood, a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association says they're trying to gather 100,000 signatures by August 12th.

"We're encouraging the Obama administration to provide more funding for the DOT. And the technology exists to do it. We're just trying to get everyone involved and sign this petition," said Underwood.

He says 90% of the cases are accidental. But the technology could also help the court system determine whether a parent left their child intentionally.

"If the alarm is going off, or whatever kind of indicator is developed, to alert parents that the child is left behind and they don't respond to the indicator or the alarm, then that could be helpful in the prosecution of the case," said Underwood.

And parents in South Georgia say they would sign the petition.

"Just for knowing that people do those kinds of things, I would probably sign it," said Harris.

"If technology would save even one child I think we should do it," said Shelly McCook.

"That's right, any kind of technology, anything that can be brought to the forefront about saving your kids," said Robby McCook.

And those behind the petition say this could also get automakers on board to add technology on their own.

For more information about the petition and how to sign it, click on the link below.

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