Fitzgerald is the latest home to a movie set

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - The streets of a south Georgia town will be filled with explosions and gunfire.

Nothing to worry about. It's all part of a movie.

The movie 'Surrender' is taking over the streets of Fitzgerald. In the coming weeks producers will use several locations to film stunts that will include car chases explosions and a bank robbery.

The crew is asking the public to stay away from the areas during filming for their safety.

"There will be some stage explosions, smoke effects, car chases all with proper supervision. The police and fire department have been cooperating and are always on standby for us," said Joshua Dodd, Production Manager.

The crew is spreading the word about all the stunts so people don't get alarmed if they see or hear something that seems awfully real.

The man behind that movie hopes it will be an inspiration to those who see it.

The whole city of Fitzgerald is supporting the filming of the movie. Sidney Bryant has made movies in Coffee County and Atlanta, and now it's Fitzgerald's turn to get in on the movie-making action.

A new feature movie is filming in Fitzgerald. In production since June 4, Surrender, is the latest movie from Sidney Bryant. He plays the lead character, Detective Tracy McBride.

"Losing his partner in law enforcement early on in the film. Along with some other tragedies at home, he gets off focus and loses his faith in Christ because he can't believe we serve a God that allows these things to happen," said Bryant.

Det. McBride, a special agent with the Fitzgerald Police Department special operations division, handles hostage and drug situations.

"And so Tracy takes in one of the largest drug dealers in the county. Upon finding out that this guy is the largest dealers in the county, Tracy finds out that his daughter has been taken hostage in exchange for this guy," said Bryant.

Bryant says his movies send messages of love, hope and change.

"And so he has to step back and allow God to lead the way. That's what we try to display in Surrender, is that when you get off focus, God has to find some way to get your attention and sometimes it's drastic measures.

Bryant says real officers from the Fitzgerald Police department and extras from the community are involved in the movie.

It's packed with action, stunts, police and foot chases. Gun fire, explosion, things like that you'll see in the film," said Bryant.

Bryant has a whole team dedicated to bringing this movie to a community that has supported them since day one.

Sidney Bryant says he was inspired to write the movie to help fund a community center in Fitzgerald. The last day of filming July 15.

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