Exploitation charges pile up against 8th grade history teacher

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators are working to determine whether any local children were victimized by a Dougherty County middle school teacher arrested on child pornography charges.

40 year old Brian Brannen was arrested Friday at his Albany apartment. Investigators say child pornography was on his computer screen during the raid.

He was charged with one count of sexual exploitation of children initially, and then nine more counts were added Tuesday. He was also charged with two counts of possession of drug-related objects.

Brannen was an 8th grade history teacher at Radium Spring Middle School, and has taught in the Dougherty County School system at least six years. A person who had been in his Westover Road apartment tipped off law enforcement that he had a large quantity of child pornography.

Friday Dougherty County Sheriff's raided his apartment, while he was on spring break. Investigators say Brannen's computer was on, and child pornography was on the screen.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd said "It was in his bedroom, on a table, running. And it was on the actual file, was open. That the child pornography was. And there was a few other items there that I am not going to go into."

Also found in the search, three marijuana bongs with what appears to be marijuana residue and a scale.

Dougherty County School Superintendent Dr. David Mosely said Brannen had recently been transferred from Southside Middle to Radium Springs Middle because of personnel issues, and his contract would have been terminated at the end of the school year. But today Mosely took immediate action.

Mosely said "We are in the process of suspending him without pay. And I will ask for a termination. I won't accept a resignation."

Sheriff's Investigators are continuing to see if any students are involved in Brannen's child porn.

Dodd said "That's always going to be a concern. Whenever you have anyone involved with any situation like this. Do we have any proof of it at this time? No."

Brannen's computer has been sent for a forensic examination, and Investigators say more charges are pending depending on its outcome.

Brannen is being held in the Dougherty County Jail without bond. School system officials say someone called Radium Middle this morning to tell them that Brannen was sick, and 'would not be in today.'

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