Young boy brutally attacked by dog

Published: Apr. 1, 2014 at 4:55 PM EDT|Updated: Apr. 6, 2014 at 4:46 PM EDT
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Jasper Poole in the hospital
Jasper Poole in the hospital
The dog is being held for observation
The dog is being held for observation
Schley County Sheriff Shane Tondee
Schley County Sheriff Shane Tondee

SCHLEY CO., GA (WALB) - An Americus boy continues to recover after being mauled by a relative's dog. Four-year-old Jasper Poole needed more than 300 stitches in his left leg.

Officials say when they were called to a dog attack near the Schley, Sumter County line Monday afternoon; they found a pit bull dog covered in blood.

"We found a pit bull dog that had blood on him, blood on his face, and blood all over the door, the deck, and the ledge where the incident happened, " said Schley County Sheriff Shane Tondee.

Nigel Poole, Jasper's  father, says his aunt was letting the dog out for food and water when the unimaginable happened.

The dog ran out of the home on Highway 228, grabbed Jasper, dragged him down the stairs, and attacked him.   This was a side of the dog no one had seen before. The pit bull was adopted in January, and never showed signs of aggression.

"The child has been with him before, they just don't know what sparked it," the sheriff said.

Neighbors say they saw the dog running up and down the streets a lot, and never seemed anything but friendly.

Now, the pit bull has to be quarantined for 10 days in the Ellaville city pound, before officials determine if he's a vicious dog.

If it is deemed dangerous, the dog will be euthanized by the state.

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