16 canines need a place to call home

VIENNA, GA (WALB) - Several dogs in Dooly County are in need of a new home. Volunteers have just a few days before they have to move them from their current location.

16 dogs need a new place to call home. They're currently living in a building on Georgia Highway 27 in Vienna. Volunteers say they have until Wednesday to find somewhere for the canines to go.

"It's been on face book and people are really trying to help. We have rescue groups. We have people that have taken some since all this started," said Glenda Cannon.

Volunteers say this building was supposed to be a shelter for the dogs, but it couldn't be opened. Now they want someone to adopt the dogs before they're taken away by the state.

"We also have possibility that the Flint Humane Society of Vienna would take them. But again we need transport help," said Glenda Cannon.

Every dog has been vaccinated, spayed or neutered. They just need someone who'll take care of them.

"All they need is just tender loving care. Food and water on a regular basis and walked. They don't get walked on a regular basis. So we just need help," said Glenda Cannon.

Most of the dogs were abandoned and abused. Some came from the pound. Volunteer Glenda Cannon says it was easy for her to get attached.

"Two that are at my house for extra care, but I've been trying to adopt ever since I saw this. And I have 4 or 5 that's been adopted," said Glenda Cannon.

Cannon says there's no cost to take one of these dogs home to give them a new start.

Volunteers have setup an account at the Vienna Dog Rescue at 671 Flintside Drive in Cobb, Georgia 31735. The money will go towards vet bills, transporting dogs and shelters.

Contact Glenda Cannon at 229-376-6460 or 678-218-2071 or by email at viennadogrescue@gmail.com. Andrea Griffin at 229-947-8279 or email her at isandreawgriffin69@yahoo.com. 

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