Sobriety road check catches DUI offenders

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Law enforcers were out in full force this weekend, conducting road checks and cracking down on motorists. Several of whom were under the influence. This is part of a state wide program to get those people off the streets.

Friday and Saturday night, law enforcement agencies, stopped people from breaking the law.

"Take the impaired drivers, the unsafe drivers off the roadways and keep it safe for the good drivers," said Roger Hayes.

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Georgia State Patrol and Albany Police worked with Drug Recognition Expert Students to identify motorists who were under some kind of influence.

"Whether it be from marijuana, cocaine, prescription medication and type of impairment that can make them a less safe driver," said Roger Hayes.

This sobriety road check at Jefferson Street and the Liberty Expressway is part of Operation Rolling Thunder. The goal is to lower drug impairments and other driver related issues.

Roger Hayes, with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, says Georgia is already over the limit of deaths on the roadways this year by 5 percent.

"That equates to about 28 lives in the State of Georgia, where we were last year. So the Governor's Office goal is to reduce fatalities below 1,000," said Roger Hayes.

Officers and Drug Recognition Expert students also checked for child restraints, seat belts and vehicle registration.

This was the first time this program was held in Albany.  About 20 people were cited for DUI's and taken to jail.

Altogether more than 200 citations were handed out. About 45 people were arrested and two of those people were wanted out of Florida.

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