Mexican Consulate officials stop in Valdosta

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Officials from the Mexican Consulate are in Valdosta this week helping Mexicans get paperwork they need to live legally in the United States.

Hundreds of Mexicans living here in south Georgia showed up at the Goodwill Career Center Tuesday to get the identification they need to live in the states. Armando Munoz Jr. brought his aunt; he says this is one step closer for her dream of becoming an American citizen.

"She dreams of that a lot. Who wouldn't want to do it? It's really bad in Mexico right now with the drug cartels and everything," said Munoz.

They're here to get everything from passports and identification to reports of birth. Identification needed to do everyday things.

"To be able to enroll your child in school, to get a drivers license, to open up a bank account," said Goodwill Career Center Manager, Carla Gervin.

"This is one step for many Mexican Americans," said Munoz

It's a partnership Goodwill has created with many consulates to help these folks prosper in their communities.

"They're here. They live here, they work here, they shop here, their children go to school here. So its very important to obtain those documents," said Gervin.

Munoz says he's proud of his aunt for trying to make a better life for her family. "She's striving to become better. Everywhere, the work industry, they ask for identification and legal documents and everything. So it's a part of everyday life."

With the overwhelming response from the Mexican community, Goodwill hopes to host the Mexican Consulate once every year.

The Mexican Consulate officials will be in Valdosta through Friday.

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