Paula Deen's books still selling despite controversy

Another company cut ties with Paula Deen today. Target will no longer sell Deen products, but the controversy isn't hurting her book business. Sales of Deen's cookbooks are up.

Managers at the Books A Million in Albany say a lot of people are coming in to buy the books because they're worried the books will be pulled from the shelves.

The store says that won't happen. One customer told WALB she thinks it's time for people to forgive Deen.

"We've all had situations to where things have been said and they've been taken the wrong way so I think that I know I would not stop buying her cook book, I think that I would actually support here now more than anything because she's actually besides being a public figure she's a regular person and we all make mistakes," said Katoria Green, Books A Million customer.

The celebrity chef from Albany has been dropped by most of the companies she works with after she admitted in a deposition that she used a racial slur years ago.

She's being sued for discrimination and harassment by a former employee at one of her restaurants.

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