10 year-olds save woman dragged by SUV

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - An Albany woman remains in the hospital Tuesday night after she was pinned underneath her SUV.  But Jennifer Romero says her injuries could have been much worse had it not been for the teamwork of her son and niece, who she now calls her heroes.

10 year-old Jared Romero says he sprung into action after his mother got pinned underneath this Chevy Blazer.  "She tried to press the brake, but she fell out. Then I pressed the brake and I was screaming help," said Jared Romero.

Jennifer Romero says it was the quick thinking of her 10 year-old son Jared and her 10 year-old niece Alissa Piner that possibly saved her life.  "A lot more damage could have been done. And had they not been there, there's no telling what could of happened. It could have killed me. I'm really thankful that they were there with me," said Jennifer Romero.

Romero says she was on her way home from a family Easter picnic on Sunday with Jared, Alissa and her two year-old daughter when she stopped to put transmission fluid in her SUV in this parking lot off the Liberty Expressway.  But when she turned her car on and put the gear in idle, things went terribly wrong.

"When I did it actually jumped gears and went into reverse.  I went running and tried to dive into the truck to try to push the brakes because it had children in it and it was headed towards the road, towards traffic, I didn't want them to get hit by cars. So that's why I tried to jump in and tried to stop it and when I tried to jump in I lost my balance and fell and the truck started running over me."

The car was going in reverse, dragging her with it, like a rag doll.  "I thought her leg was going to snap off and she wasn't going to be able to walk again," said Alissa Piner.

While Jared pressed on the brake, Alissa ran to get help.  "I thought that I could just go get somebody and a bunch of people started surrounding her and helping her and she turned out to be ok," said Piner.

"I'm really proud of them because they're my heroes, they're my heroes for doing that," said Jennifer Romero.

Romero is still at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital with an injured ankle, leg and back. But she's in good spirits thanks to the work of her angels.

Once the Blazer was stopped, an employee from the nearby Flash Foods ran over and helped get Jennifer Romero out from under the SUV.

Romero is expected to leave the hospital sometime in the next few days. She said she'll have to use a walker for the next couple months.

We had to interview Romero on the phone because Phoebe officials say it's their policy not to allow interviews in patient rooms and it is not medically advisable to move her from the room at this time.

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