Cairo mock crash displays drunk driving dangers

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - About 3,000 American teenagers die each year as a result of drunk driving.

And with spring break, prom, and graduation right around the corner, south Georgia students may be tempted to make a mistake that could be life changing.

That's why a south Georgia high school student body acted out a scary, but real life scenario Thursday.

The mock crash at Cairo High School may have been staged, but the situation and response felt very real.

"I hope they take out of this that this is really what happens. Our emergency medical people went through what they would really do if this was a real wreck. And I just wanted to make sure that they really understood that the coroner comes, the ambulance comes, everybody comes," said Student Body President Shelley Kines.

The Grady County Substance Abuse Awareness team performed the mock crash to portray the dangers of drinking and driving.

And the students we spoke with say they got the message.

"You never know when this could happen in real life. That would be traumatizing for someone's parents," said Junior Ebonee Richardson.

"It opens up your eyes to stuff like that," said Junior Emitha Timesmith.

"I mean I've lost friends, I've lost loved ones in this and I wanted to make sure the students knew what happened. And I wanted them to feel the suspense of not knowing are those people going to live? Are those people going to die," said Kines.

The project was entirely student run, but they received some help from Cairo and Grady County Police, Fire, and EMS.

"It was a student driven project that they felt was very impactful for them and for their classmates. With spring break, prom, and graduation coming up that they wanted to make sure that their classmates made the right choices," said GSAAP Team Member Nola Daughtry.

Students say Thursday's experience was enough to make them think twice about driving under the influence.

"You shouldn't drink and drive because you can get into a really bad accident," said Junior Carisma Brown.

"And you can hurt your parents feelings," said Junior Briana Davis.

After the event, each student had the opportunity to sign a pledge saying they will not drink and drive.

According to the Center For Disease Control, the annual cost of alcohol related crashes totals more than $51 billion.

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