Darton students react to bill that would allow guns on campus

Published: Mar. 5, 2013 at 4:27 AM EST|Updated: Mar. 10, 2013 at 4:28 AM EST
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Action was taken on two major gun bills at the state capitol, Monday night.

The State Senate passed a bill that would keep details of gun owners who have concealed weapons permits secret and it would allow guns on public housing property.

Also, a House committee passed a bill that would make it legal to carry guns into bars, churches and college campuses.

As we walked Darton College's campus Monday evening, it didn't take long to find this group of students who say they don't like a bill that would allow guns on Georgia college campuses.

"Obviously there's a lot of crime already in Albany already and if you're allowed to bring guns on campus, I think that's going to increase it. We already have enough police here and they do their jobs just fine," said Darton student Allan Kuhne.

The proposal would allow students 21 years of age and older to carry concealed weapons on campus with a permit.

"I don't think some people on campus are mature enough to have that responsibility. They might take it in the wrong manner and use it as a show of power and use it improperly, so I don't think it's a good idea," said Darton student Daryl Sack.

Supporters of the bill disagree.

Georgia Loan and Gun owner Steven Drew says parents have bought weapons for their children as they head off to school for protection.

"Removing the ability from someone to protect themselves with firearms just because they're attending a college campus (is not fair). A lot of college campuses are big and sprawling with a lot of dark areas," said Drew.

Drew says Georgia is becoming a more progressive state when it comes to gun laws and he's optimistic some of the bills up for debate will pass.

"When you have responsible law abiding citizens, when you restore the right for them to defend themselves. it tends to reduce crimes in all areas," said Drew.

But these students are convinced allowing guns on college campuses would create more problems than they would solve them.

"I can understand how they used for protection, but in the other sense people are going to try to use them rob others if they have it on them," said Sack.

"If you have a little conflict and there's a gun right there, who knows what people think these days. They could just shoot you," said Kuhne.

They hope it doesn't come to that.

Other places where a concealed weapon would be permitted under that house bill include places of worship, bars and government buildings.

Private property owners would be able to decide if guns are allowed on their property.

The Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, former state lawmaker Hank Huckaby, testified at a committee hearing against the bill that would allow guns on college campuses.

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