Americus remembers the Flood of 1994

July 9, 2004

Americus-- Remembering a deadly disaster, "Even though it was ten years ago, it seems like yesterday," says Mayor Bill McGowan. A solemn ceremony marks the Flood of 1994.

The floods waters were quick and fierce.  In just 24 hours, Tropical Storm Alberto dumped 24 inches of rain on Americus.  The resulting flash flooding was the most deadly of the Flood of 94.  It killed 15 people in one night.

Thursday morning, a brief ceremony remembered not only those who died, but those who served.

Americus's new City Administrator, Charlotte Cotton, was a city employee at the time of the flood. Her job was to alert the media of crucial information people needed to know. Although it has been a decade--her memories are vivid, "My memories are listening to the radio of the firefighters and the police officers that were doing search and rescue for bodies. I mean, it still just breaks my heart."

Many of those who participated in the search and rescue attended the ceremony. The names of those who died were read out loud. There is also a plaque commemorating those individuals.

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