Valdosta haunted houses to spook Halloween goers

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Two of the oldest homes in Valdosta may give you a good scare tonight, if you believe in ghosts.

Valdosta's oldest home, built in 1840 caught fire earlier this year.

The Valdosta Heritage Foundation is working to restore it, but some say it's still haunted.

And legend has it one of the former owners of the Bell House, built in 1872, hanged himself inside the home and still lurks inside.

"There are several locations in Valdosta rumored to be haunted. One is the Bell House, which was built by Dr. David Bell who was an eccentric local character, he had a lot of patented medicines, like renew you tonics, and stuff like that, so I think that might be where part of his legend comes from," said Drew Johnson, Lowndes County Historical Museum.

Throughout the years, some ghost hunters say they've seen orbs and other evidence they believe shows these homes are indeed haunted.

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