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Bryan Watt
Bryan Watt
Chris Marsh
Chris Marsh

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - On May 5th, Inside Out Nation partnered with Hands on Thomas County to coordinate nine local service projects.

"Since then we've had a lot of people from the community, a lot of leaders and youth pastors, come to us and say we'd love to have a consistent opportunity for our young people to go out and serve. So Project Backyard is basically a response to that," said Inside Out Nation Executive Director Bryan Watt.

Starting Saturday, and running once a month through June, Project Backyard will participate in service projects throughout Thomas County.

"For this particular one we are teaming up with the Way Church here at Villa North and we are helping distribute clothes and food to those in need. We're also teaming up with Love at Work which is a ministry out of Tallahassee and they are coming here to help us paint the porch of the Pregnancy Center here in Thomasville," said Watt.

Project Backyard will also benefit the Halcyon Home for Battered Women.

"It provides some volunteers for us at the thrift store and that helps a lot too because this thrift store is run mainly by volunteers. I only have one paid part time person," said Halcyon Home Executive Director Chris Marsh.

The Halcyon thrift store has become a main bloodline for the center.

"The thrift store has been a really good asset for us now and all of the proceeds that we receive from the sales, from all of the donations that we get in from here, help the clients get started over again," said Marsh.

And organizers say they hope this desire to help will spread throughout the community.

"Just to ask the congregations, is there is anything you guys need? It may be something like mowing a lawn, or painting a house, or something like that. So it'll be a mix of serving with missions and organizations as well as serving local churches," said Watt.

The Project begins Saturday at 10am at Villa North Apartments.

To learn more, donate, or to sign up visit

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