Poulan Mayor arrested on drug charges

POULAN, GA (WALB) - Drug agents say the arrest of a south Georgia mayor is another indication of the growth of the prescription drug problem in our area.

The Mayor of Poulan, charged with several drug possession charges,  was released from the Dougherty County Jail Friday afternoon on $25,000 bond.

Drug agents arrested 41-year-old Dustin Grubbs Thursday when a search of his truck during a traffic stop turned up a bag of prescription pain pills.

Drug agents say this arrest shows the prescription drug crime issue crosses all socio-economic, racial, and religious lines.

Illegal pain killer sales have become epidemic and drug agents are catching more people involved daily.

This is a picture from the dash cam of an Albany Dougherty Drug Unit marked car Thursday afternoon about 12:30.

A uniformed drug agent shows 41-year-old Dustin Grubbs a plastic baggy containing 57 prescription pain pills found inside his pickup truck.

"Pain pills. There were oxycodone, oxycontin, 2 different mixtures of vicodin. 5 milligram and 10 milligram," said ADDU Commander, Major Bill Berry.

Grubbs was pulled over on Highway 82 just west of the Dougherty Worth County line, heading east.

Officers stopped him because his utility trailer had no tag, and the tint on his Chevrolet pickup truck was too dark.

Drug agents say he gave permission to search his truck, and they found the pills under his seat, along with a loaded .380 semi-automatic pistol and more ammunition.

"We know he had just bought them, and it was not from a pharmacy," said Berry.

Grubbs did identify himself to drug agents as the Mayor of Poulan, but he did not ask for special treatment.

Investigators say he was cooperative and professional.

"We're not going to give a break for someone just because they are a public figure or whatever.  If you're dealing dope and we catch you you're going to have to take the ride," said Berry.

They say the arrest of the Poulan Mayor shows just how fast the pain pill problem is growing.

"It has no boundaries.  It's everywhere.  I keep saying it is a huge problem, and people just don't realize it," said Berry.

Grubbs' truck and trailer are being held, while drug agents decide if they will seize them. Friday Drug agents requested a search warrant to examine his cell phone.

Poulan City Attorney Flin Coleman said city officials are still gathering information about Mayor Grubbs arrest, and that the city council will take appropriate action when they meet.

We called all the Poulan city council members, but none returned our call.

Grubbs has been released from the Dougherty County jail on $25,000.

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