NFL star encourages healthy living for kids

Lockette practices a martial arts kick
Lockette practices a martial arts kick

By Caroline Barber

Obesity is a big problem in Georgia, but the Youth Becoming Healthy Project is working to help the kids get in shape. Each day consists of new activities keep them active and engaged.

"We've had kids again since 2004 a lot of our students that have come through the YBH Program have gone on to play high school and college sports. I mean we have record after records of kids that have played you know soccer, they've played football, they've run track that have come through the program," said founder Pamela Green Jackson.

A pediatrician say the program is working. "Yesterday, I saw one for follow up and she'd lost six pounds in the first two weeks of the camp and this was her first summer working, so she was really excited when she got on the scale at my office," said Dr. Tania Smith.

"Never give up, complete your dreams no matter what," says Albany native Seattle Sea Hawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette.

Lockette stopped by to give the kids encouragement. "When I was growing up, I never really got a chance to see a guy, or you know, meet someone in the field where I wanted to be in life. I never got a chance to meet a professional athlete of any nature, so you know, I wish I could share my life with them, and to take them everywhere with me, but I can't, so the little things that I can do, like come back and talk to them, you know, just sit down and talk with them or shake hands, or sign a picture, you know, something that's free, why not?"

"Defeat the odds, that's the best thing that's what I live by," says Lockette.

Lockette also signed autographs for the three-dozen or so participants.

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