Thieves steal equipment from Christian radio station

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Thieves knocked a Christian radio station in Tifton off the air this morning.

They broke in and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment from Hook FM.

A popular country station also got hit. The crooks hauled away all the loot in the station car.

Employees say the thieves took very expensive pieces of production equipment, but left other valuable items behind like laptop computers, signed memorabilia and even payroll checks.

There was no sign of forced entry, and its left employees wondering who would steal from a radio station dedicated to helping the community?

Today DJs with HookFM a popular Christian radio station went on air with some shocking news.

"A lot of our very important equipment was stolen, our station vehicle was also stolen," said Eric Hatcher, GM of Plant Broadcasting.

The station spent several hours off air.

"They pulled out the rack and unplugged the on air machine," said Hatcher.

Police found the HOOK FM vehicle around 3 o'clock this morning about a mile from the radio station, still running with the doors wide open.

"It's got hook fm written all over it why would you steal a radio station vehicle and go riding through town that's beyond me," said Hatcher.

They used the vehicle to transport thousands of dollars in production equipment taken from inside everything from cameras to special computers.

"They took basically anything you need to start your own TV or radio station," said Hatcher.

Sister station WTIF 107.5 was also hit it's in the same building had just gotten back from Bama Jam and interviews with Tim McGraw and other country artists were also taken.

Several things stand out about the crime including what was taken and what was left behind.

"Brand new computers that were used in the office were left they took our on air stuff they had to take the bolts out of this thing to steal it," said Kirsten Underwood, Radio Host at WTIF Hometown Country.

"They knew what computer to take they knew what would put us in a hole it has all of our commercials on it all of our client information all of our songs," said Underwood.

Police said at this point they are not ruling anything out.

Shortly after Dj's let listeners know what was going on, a listener from Ashburn found some of the equipment behind Ole Times Country Buffett south of town. Employees say it was the only piece of equipment taken that had a HookFM logo on it.

If you noticed anyone driving down the road early this in a HookFM vehicle or come across any production equipment call police 229-382-3132

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