South Georgia man works on latest invention

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - You're about to meet a south Georgia man who's a real problem solver. Cecil Holt loves to find ways to make life a little easier.

He used to run a bakery in Douglas, but he turned over the mixers and ovens and pie pans to his children so he could pursue his real dream, inventing.

Cecil Holt doesn't pace back and forth, or lie awake at night, trying to come up with new inventions, instead, he says his most successful ideas come to him in his dreams.

"After I had all these dreams of these things happening, I told my wife I dreamed of a little nut picker," says Cecil Holt\Inventor.

The Nut Wizard is a wire cage on a handle that he invented to take the work out of picking up pecans.

"I enjoy learning to do things, and it is a challenge, and I drive everybody crazy around me, those that are not nuts, will be, sooner or later," says Holt.

He also invented a device to put on socks without ever bending over. But what's next for Holt? An electric corn creamer.

"A lot of people they use drills, you have got the board, drills, a knife, but you don't get very far very fast," says Holt.

So Holt decided to create something better. It still has a little work to be done on it but so far it seems to be the most efficient way to cream corn.

"Last Saturday we cut off 531 in an hour and a half," says Holt.

But how does he come up with these ideas? "A lot of people say it is intelligence, I don't think so, I think it is juts flat determination, if you give up, you are defeated, but I find out that every time I get to a point where I think I'm whipped, I come up with a better idea, and that is the way it is always, you just start thinking different, the tougher it gets the better you think," says Holt.

Holt doesn't worry as much about selling a lot as he does about getting his inventions to people who need them.

"It makes me happy that I know that I have done something, it is not about the money, but the satisfaction knowing that you have done something, somebody likes," says Holt.

And it seems many people like his inventions.

His Nut Wizard is being sold all over the world. And as for the latest invention, he's already had people trying to buy his prototype.

To buy his inventions, call (912)384-5324.

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